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Alexandria, Minnesota is a thriving tourist center, as well as a city in and the county seat of Douglas County. This beautiful city is home to numerous lakes and resorts, as well as a high quality of life enjoyed by visitors and residents alike. As of the 2008, Alexandria’s population was estimated to be 12,415. With exceptional services including health care, education, the arts, cultural events, retail shopping, employment, transportation, housing and public services, it’s no wonder why many people choose to make their home in Alexandria. Alexandria is also an attractive location for business and industry due to its well-educated work force coupled with a strong work ethic. Douglas County has four categories of industry employing the most people including trade, transportation and utilities, education and health services, manufacturing, and leisure and hospitality. Those looking for real estate in Alexandria, MN, will discover the great opportunities that Alexandria has to offer.

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Alexandria’s early days begin before the U.S. Civil War with two young brothers, Alexander and William Kinkead, who came from Delaware westward following their dreams of settling land in the Minnesota Territory. Their travels brought them along the Red River Trail at the time when Minnesota moved from territory to statehood in 1858. The younger brother, William, was commissioned to help survey and establish a government road from St. Cloud to Fort Abercrombie in the west and this provided an excellent opportunity to seek out land.

In the summer of 1858, the brothers chose a large tract of land on the south shore of Lake Agnes to homestead. The brothers formed a town site company with five men from eastern Minnesota, who were attracted to the beauty and future prospects of this area. By Autumn of 1859, Alexander Kinkead established a U.S. Post Office and served as the Postmaster. The town site was named after its postmaster and was given the name “Alexandria”. By the time the Civil War started in 1861, the town was growing steadily. The absence of a railroad and telegraph communication distanced the settlers from the conflict to the South. News of other struggles closer to home had an impact that would change the future of the new settlement. In August of 1862, the stage brought word that settlers had been killed by an Indian raid in the Dakota Territories and that the Indians had also declared war on the whites in Minnesota.

In November 1862, the U.S. Army erected a stockade in Alexandria, turning it into a government post. The Fort was the center of commercial and social activity until the troops left in the spring of 1866, and it fell into disuse. Alexandria’s permanent settlers wouldn’t begin arriving until after the end of the 1860s. 
In 1866, the first general store was built in Alexandria, along with many other businesses, a sawmill, a flour and gristmill, to name a few. A new courthouse was completed in 1876 and served for 20 years. At this time a second schoolhouse was needed, and it was built next to the previous one and they became known as the “Twin Schools.”

The first train, which was part of the St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, arrived on November 5, 1878. It was a major event because transportation of supplies, people and important mail service could be accomplished much more efficiently by rail transportation rather than by stagecoach. In 1880, that railroad became part of Great Northern Railroad’s main line, and the Great Northern Depot was built. It was located near the site of Alexander and William Kinkead’s first log cabin just north of the old stockade. It still stands there today as the Depot Express Restaurant and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Community Information

As the county seat of Douglas County, Alexandria has more than 11,000 residents who call this place their home. The area was first settled back in 1858 and was name after two brothers who came to the town from Maryland. Its name was supposed to be similar to that of Alexandria, Egypt, which is a hub for civilization and learning. It wasn’t until 1877 that the village was incorporated. In 1908, the charter was adopted and the town was incorporated soon after in 1909. W.E. Hicks was a vital component to the town. He is the one who purchased the town and created a hotel, store, newspaper and mill. He was also the postmaster when it opened back in 1858.

Parks and Recreation

For those who are looking for the perfect way to spend the day, head out and play a round of golf at the Nordic Trails Golf Course. The area is amazing and the course will help to alleviate stress and leave you feeling rejuvenated. You can always take the kids over to Filmore Park and let them unleash some energy running around the area. They will enjoy playing on all of the different equipment the park has to offer them.

If you have family coming into the area, they can camp out at Don’s Lakeview RV Park. Beyond Don’s, you can also utilize the services of Broken Arrow Resort and Campground for those looking for a place to stay. Numerous places abound in this fabulous town, so there will always be somewhere that you can take the kids to spend the day running around the area and enjoying themselves along the way.

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